Below are some articles and a book that make strong arguments in favour of progressive unification:


A Liberal-NDP Merger: The Key Ingredient to a Rejuvenated Political Climate in Canada, Andrew Perez, Public Policy and Governance Review, March 2011.


Uniting the Canadian Left, Suzanne MacNevin, The Canada eZine, Sepember 2008.


Merger may be wisest move for Grits, NDP, Warren Kinsella, Calgary Sun, March 2013.


Only way to beat Tories is join NDP-Grit forces, says pollster (registration required), Tim Naumetz & Chris Plecash, The Hill Times, March 2012.


Lefties, a little progressive merger wouldn’t hurt, Jamey Heath, Globe and Mail, September 2011.


NDP must cooperate with all progressive forces, Jamey Heath, Toronto Star, March 2012.


Uniting the centre-left: answering the skeptics, Jamey Heath, iPolitics, December 2012.


Why Liberals and New Democrats should share a bed, Jamey Heath, Globe and Mail, March 2013.


It’s time for the Green Party to pack it in, Lawrence Martin, Globe and Mail, December 2013.


The NDP and Liberals must come together to prevent the unthinkable, Gerald Caplan, former NDP national director, Globe and Mail, January 30, 2015.


Unity is a lesson the Canadian left has yet to learn, Tasha Kheiriddin, National Post, March 18, 2015.


                                               Power Trap, Paul Adams, September 2012.




















You can read more about why we believe progressive unification is needed in three columns written by our political sociologist and recently published on the website Loonie Politics:


Libdemo: Progressive for twenty-first century Canada, Peter Nicoll, Loonie Politics, October 2013. 


A message to Millennials: It’s your party, you can do what you want, Peter Nicoll, Loonie Politics, October 2013.


Love, Hope, Optimism: What Jack’s words tell us about Trudeau, Mulcair, and the road to 2015, Peter Nicoll, Loonie Politics, December 2013.


In May 2014, Loonie Politics also published an open letter by Libdemo President Patrick Richard, titled: The incredible division of progressives: the Conservatives' great pleasure.