If you prefer to donate by cheque, please email us at info@libdemo.ca with your full postal address and we’ll send you a donation form to return with your contribution, after which we’ll email you a receipt.


Your generous donations allow us to grow our movement and increase our public presence, to expand our advocacy activities, to cover office and logistical expenses, and to pay our small hired staff.


We are registered with Industry Canada and Revenu Québec as a not-for-profit organization, but since we are not a charity or political party, donations are not tax-deductible.


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We also strongly encourage you to make financial contributions to the political party (or parties) you support. Contrary to what you might think, political parties work within limited budgets that are tiny compared to the budgets of the governments they hope to lead one day.


Unfortunately, less than 1% of Canadian voters donate to a federal political party. Without adequate financial support, the parties and their leaders become vulnerable to contributions from all sorts of special interests. The large industrial sectors have every reason to try to get their people in the entourage of the current or future prime minister.


Soon after the May 2011 election, Stephen Harper’s majority government unilaterally cut the financial of federal political parties. As such, from now until the 2015 election, the federal parties will no longer have the financial support of the Canadian government, except during election campaigns (covering half of their expenses, with certain conditions).


Being well-financed by the wealthy, the Conservative Party changed the rules to its own advantage!


The maximum amount is $2400 per party ($1200 to the federal party and $1200 to a riding’s party association). Donations to political parties are public, limited, and regulated. Still, they are generously tax-deductible (up to 75%). You can also become a party member, even if you support unification.


On the other hand, donations to not-for-profit organizations are only subject to the organization’s internal policies. Contributions to the Libdemo Movement are confidential (unless the donor indicates otherwise).

As a not-for-profit organization, we depend on donations from the public and organizations to keep us going.


You can make a secure credit card donation through PayPal, which will issue you a receipt.