Founded in the spring of 2013, the Libdemo Movement is comprised mainly of young people interested in Canadian history and politics, particularly at the federal level.


As our inaugural project, we advocate for the creation of an inclusive “big-tent” Canadian progressive party through the unification of the New Democratic, Liberal, and Green parties.


Now, in the fall of 2020, it seems that these three political parties and their leaders (Jagmeet Singh, Justin Trudeau, and Annamie Paul) prefer to continue to fight amongst themselves to win the centre-left vote. This is surely to the delight of the Conservative Party!


The idea of progressive unification isn’t new. See the Prominent Support page to see which high-level politicians have voiced their support for unification in the past few years, notably Jean Chrétien, Liberal Prime Minister from 1993 to 2003.


Several well-known columnists and experts have argued in favour of unification. As well, in September 2012, journalist Paul Adams published a book on the topic, titled Power Trap. Our Articles section features links to these compelling articles.


The division of the progressive vote is a serious problem since it often leads to the election of many Conservative MPs without the support of the majority of their constituents. On the Unification page, we show how 57 NDP or Liberal candidates were defeated in the 2011 federal election due to this division.


We suggest to Mr. Singh, Mr. Trudeau, and Ms. Paul—as well as their MPs and candidates—to rein in their disdain for each other. Their bickering doesn’t serve their constituents, and in doing so, they only stoop to the level of the Conservatives and their tactics. On our Cooperation page, we discuss our ideas for inter-party cooperation.


On the Vision page, we lay out our vision for a progressive natural governing party that would represent the beliefs of a clear majority of Canadians. We contrast this with electoral reform, which we don’t believe is a long-term solution. Canadians are facing serious problems, such as climate change, that require a sincere and lasting collaboration.


The Initiatives page features the history of our young not-for-profit organization, our accomplishments, and our initiatives. Within the next few months, we hope to meet with some NDP and Liberal MPs in hopes of swaying them. 


See the FAQ page to for more detailed information about our organization and our positions.


You can also help by liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, and retweeting our tweets. Given the high level of this project and our good Twitter following, for some reason we don’t have many ‘likes’ of our Facebook page!


Canadians have always been a peaceful, generous, and forward-thinking people, for which we are respected and admired around the world. It is only natural that Canada should be a global leader in setting a course for a progressive future.


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